What are your LED signs made of?

FanSignsTime uses high-quality acrylic sheets that are lighter and more durable than glass. We make use of the latest laser technology to engrave onto the sheet. This gives it a 3D effect that mimics the look of a neon sign without the use of harmful chemicals.

Do you make battery operated signs?

We are currently not making battery operated LED signs. However, you may hang your sign in your vehicle by using an AC to DC car cigarette lighter socket adapter. There are also other available devices in hardware and electronics stores that will allow you to plug a device to a battery source. We do NOT suggest modifying the electronic parts of our sign.

I plugged my LED Wall Clock but it's not working.

Our LED Wall clocks have different power sources for the light and mechanism. The clock is AA battery-operated, while the LED lights are powered through plug. This means that even if you turn off the lights, it won’t stop telling the time.

For the LED Table Clock, the clock is AA battery-operated, while the LED lights can either be powered through 2 AAA batteries or USB cable.

I received my package but the remote/ clock does not have batteries.

Batteries are NOT included due to shipping constraints. This applies to our clocks and the remote for our multi-colored sign.

I ordered a (Color) LED sign but did not get a remote.

Please note that only our multi-colored variants come with a remote. The single colored variants have on/off switch only.

How much are the shipping and handling fees?

FanSignsTime ships internationally so the shipping and handling fees vary. The total amount you would have to pay for is automatically computed upon check out. Rest assured that this is done before any payment information is entered. If you want to know more about a specific shipping & handling cost please contact us.

Are there any other additional fees?

The amount calculated upon checkout is final, which is done before any payment information is given. We do NOT have additional fees or hidden charges in our website. However, please note that we do not cover the local customs and import fees of your country.

Where are my products being shipped from?

We have locations in the USA, Europe and Asia (Hong Kong, China and Philippines). We will ship from where the item will be in stock during the time of your order. It is our goal to have your package delivered to you as soon as possible so we always choose the location that will ship the fastest to you. Keep in mind that not all locations carry all products.

How long does shipping take?

The expected shipping time is posted on each product page. The average delivery time in the USA, parts of Canada, parts of Australia, parts of Europe, etc, is 7-30 business days, while it takes 12-50 business days to ship to other countries and hard to reach locations. However, kindly note that there are some factors that are beyond our control and can cause delay. Such factors include customs processing, local delivery services and bad weather. Please be certain that we will keep a watchful eye on your package and make sure that it gets delivered to you. 

Why have I not received my package yet?

FanSignsTime makes sure that each product is of the highest quality. As such, it takes us 3-5 working days to manufacture each item upon order. Please also note that there are some factors beyond our control that may cause delays like customs processing, bad weather and other local delivery service problems. However, you can contact us anytime to get updates about your order.

How long does "Add Express Processing" take?

Express Processing is generally 2-5 days faster than regular processing. The time is saved with processing and the manufacturing of the product. We can't control the times of the courier or of the customs department of your country.

How long does "Express Shipping" take? (Currently unavailable)

With Express Shipping, expect to receive the item in 5-15 days.

How does "Insured Shipping" work?

Your package is insured by FanSignsTime. This means that if the item is lost during transit or you received it damaged or with problems, then we will replace it with no charge. However, please note that we do NOT replace "lost" items that have already been marked as delivered by the courier. Cases of theft are not covered by our insurance and should be forwarded to your local police department. We will not file a claim with the courier or police for cases of theft. Please wait 10 days AFTER your estimated time frame and if there have been no tracking updates, then Contact Us

I only received part of my order, where is the rest?

There are instances wherein items are shipped from different locations or take longer to manufacture. As such, some items may be shipped separately. Rest assured that you will receive tracking information for all of your different packages.

When will my order be shipped?

Many of our products are custom-made. This means that it will only begin production once you have placed your order and may take up to 10 days. In special cases, it may even take a little longer. However, the long wait will be worth it because you will get a special and unique item delivered to you! Once your package has been processed and shipped, we will send you an e-mail confirmation with a tracking ID. For deliveries to the US, you can use the tracking number at the USPS site. For other countries, please check your local courier's website.

Why isn't my Tracking Number Working?

The status "shipped" means that your order has been handed over from our warehouse/manufacturing site to the courier. From then on, they will be the ones to finish the business of delivering it to you. Although the item has been handed over, sometimes there is a delay before the tracking ID starts working. Don't be alarmed as this is common. Kindly allot 3-15 business days for the ID to work and recheck after that.

Can I request for a change in my order if I accidentally ordered the wrong color?

If you were in such a rush in placing an order that you accidentally picked the wrong color, don't fret! We understand your excitement over our products. You can use our contact form to request for a swap. To make it easier for us to implement the change, kindly indicate your order number or the e-mail address that you used. If you notice this problem more than 24 hours later it may be too late to change or cancel.

I received my item damaged. What do I do?

We pack and ship each item with great care but there are sometimes damages due to mishandling on the courier's part. No need to worry because all you need to do is send a photo of the damaged item to us along with the original packaging. We will send you the replacement for FREE!

However, please note that we will only accept requests for replacement up to 14 days from the date of delivery.

I received my replacement but only got part of it.

The photo of your damaged item will be forwarded to our manufacturing department for assessment. As such, we will only send the appropriate replacement part such as the acrylic sheet, remote, etc.

I received my sign and it's great, but it lights are not working. What do I do?

Just send us an e-mail with your order number and state the problem. We will send you the LED strip for free.

We have a 4-week warranty for our LED lights starting from the date it was delivered. If ever your sign stops working during this period, just let us know and we will send you the LED strip without additional charges.

My package was scheduled to be delivered but it was returned to the post office because no one received it.

If the package was returned to the post office because no one was available to receive the item, please use the re-schedule tool at the USPS website. For other countries, kindly contact your local courier.

Please note that the post office will only hold the item for a certain number of days. If it has not been scheduled for re-delivery or pick-up during that period, the item will be returned to sender.

My package was returned to sender. What do I do?

If the package was returned to us, no need to worry because we will send it back to you. However, please note that the customer will be the one to shoulder the re-delivery fee. You must also wait for the item to be returned to our warehouse before we can ship it back to you. We cannot cancel the order in cases of returned packages.

What is your return policy?

Please note that all sales with FanSignsTime are final. Once the 24-hour cancellation period has passed, we can no longer cancel your order. All items cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded. Please read the product description carefully and choose the correct design and color of your product to avoid problems.

How can I change the battery in the Multi-Color remote control?

There is an image on the back of the remote with instructions but it is difficult to see some times. Refer to our image below (click to enlarge). Push gently on the clip of the right side of the battery compartment, this will unlatch it, and you can slide it out. Once the battery is positioned correctly push back into the remote.

Replacing the battery for multi-color remote

How can I replace the LEDs in my LED sign?

We sell replacement LEDs for our LED signs, in the middle of that page you will find a video showing how to remove the LEDs for replacement. Please contact us if you require further assistance.

Are your products licensed?

As you have seen on our store, we carry thousands of products. We have licenses for products when required. If you work for an organization and you are concerned about a product we carry for your organization please contact us with the appropriate trademark/licensing paperwork so we can look up if we have an agreement.

What is the quickest way to contact you?

The quickest way is through our contact form right here